For over a decade, we prep to support with furnaces, heat pumps, ductless mini-splits, and boilers to remain comfortable. Our team works carefully to deliver quality customer service and answers with honor to solving Pittsburgh home and commercial heating issues.



When you're searching and shopping AC companies to handle your cooling needs in Pittsburgh, PA, you can trust and depend on The Pittsburgh HVAC. We are a local company that follows through on the delivery of quality air conditioning services. We also make it our mission to give back to our community as a consistent practice. We take care of a full range of repairs from the coil system to the thermostat and offer professional installation services more energy efficient and, in the end, save you money on your monthly electric bill.


An efficient HVAC system in your residence or business is pivotal in maintaining excellent indoor air quality and keeping from harm with your health in your Pittsburgh, PA home or business. The Pittsburgh HVAC gives HVAC technicians that know how to eliminate toxins and contaminants from your flow and help humidity control. Get the peace of mind and certainty your home and commercial air is as clean, safe, and beneficial to you and all breathing.


Our responsive team is available 24 hours a day for your request. Regardless if we installed your system or not, we would remain support ready. We hold the know-how and interest and comprehension of most HVAC systems as we work with the bulk of the planet's HVAC manufacturers. Our response is equipped and ready for filter cleans to comprehensive scheduled maintenance programs. Your HVAC unit can take up a significant slice of your energy bills, with proper maintenance, you make individual costs are not rising.